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Full Service Like Never Before!

Some companies specialize in advertising and graphic design. Others handle marketing or photography. At Packaging & Display USA, we offer complete creative services from concept all the way to final output. This provides us with uncompromising quality control, as well as the ability to meet deadlines. When you work with Packaging & Display USA, you’ll discover an unsurpassable level of service backed by countless years of experience, all focused on one goal; giving you a superior approach to your graphics and packaging.

Designing the right packaging for you and your products is an integral part of the value and innovation we provide. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it done!

Our designs are aided by our 20+ years of experience as packaging professionals.

Customers value our services for the flexible pricing and sustainable design options. Including the option to have their packaging made overseas, where many of the products are being made and packaged. We offer the added value of an English and Chinese speaking office in China that provides great customer care in overseeing all aspects of the job, from drawing board to shipping day. Customers will now have the ability to compete in world markets with the assurance of working with an American company!

NO Minimum Runs

1 or 10000 prints doesn’t matter! Our new digital printer runs 3000 sheets an hour!

It’s a game changer! Our new digital printer prints 8 color high quality images on any type of corrugated board and many other substrates. Now you can change your artwork every run without incurring those high additional print plates and make ready charges. The new digital printer allows customers to run any size run without worrying about maximizing the use of high cost plates and make ready charges that force them to stay with the same product look. Making changes or just updating artwork is now much easier and faster!


Trade Show Production

We specialize in Trade Show Production by supplying following services:

  • Permanent or temporary signage design and production
  • Temporary centerpiece displays made from paper and plastics
  • Decorative lighting services
  • Props

You will find our prices to be among the lowest in the industry and our service superior to anyone you have used before. Benefit from a tremendous structural and graphic design capability, creating temporary full size displays at a lower cost and easier to handle or transport than permanent displays.

Printing through Delivery – We do it ALL!

At Packaging & Display USA, we develop a production strategy and take your package through every step of execution, from the structural design of boxes and displays, to the actual printing and assembly, all the way to the final delivery of finished packages. By completing each stage of the process ourselves, we can guarantee the highest quality packaging and offer you a compressed production schedule that meets all your deadlines. Our close involvement in every step of the way ensures that each aspect of your final package works in harmony.

At Packaging & Display, our creativity starts long before we begin the design process. We look at your company and your products, then devise a specific step-by-step, custom-designed strategy program to meet your specific needs. We consult with you to determine the structure, looks and purpose of your container or display.

We place great emphasis on using environmentally safe, technically advanced packaging design & materials.

Design that Delivers Results! 

Our design team then provides you with breakthrough concepts, innovative solutions and above all, an image that attracts attention.

Then, we take your project through every step to completion, all the way through proofing, printing, cutting and final assembly.

We’ve achieved quantum leaps in all areas of advertising and graphic design for our clients. So, whether you need a sell sheet for your distributor or a full color consumer catalog, you’ll discover that our design services leave a lasting impression.

The end result for you is an impressive solution for your particular packaging and display needs.